Happy New Year! This is officially my first wordpress post and I’m really hoping no one will ever find this blog! Well coz it’s gonna be filled with my deepest thoughts and secrets which probably no one else will understand (everyone says I overthink, analyse and mostly complicate things too much) hahaha. Really hoping that i can sustain this blog throughout this year and let it be my outlet of all emotions. I never did use to like blogging or even writing down any of my thoughts or daily events but the cold, hard and cruel life that we live in kinda made me realised that the world isnt some place that i can express anything and everything to. 2014 is about finding, developing and ultimately growing myself into someone I’m happy with. Its about forming my values and everything that is important to me. Most importantly, with God being the centre of it all. Amen. Pretty sad that New Year’s Day is ending in 2 hours’ time but hey im eggcited for the year ahead! 2013 has been a blur and honestly, i’d never wanna experience it again. December was depressing and exasperating but im so glad i got to realise many things about myself and started to do smth about it! Getting pretty lengthy here and so i shall stop here for now! Really need to find that private button or smth hahaha. 


Shawn ❤


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