8/2/2014: Love Matters.

Why? Because we want others to experience the same love that God gave us. We want others to know how great God’s love is. (So so apt)

Being Jesus. What is that all about?

Do you notice how the passion for love for a person never lasts as long as God’s eternal love?

What is so so special about Jesus?
Because He died for us.

How is Jesus still relevant to us today?
(Hebrews 4:15) Jesus is 100% human, but yet he was without sin. He is just like a big brother that we should follow. He is God too, but he delegated himself to be a human to teach us the ways of God.

Understand Jesus’ character and values, and apply to today’s culture.

We know that Jesus loves people coz
1. he spoke about it
2. he believed that he loved people

How did Jesus love people?
1. Love with HUMILITY – act of servanthood
-Try to do chores for people hahaha
-Show grace and mercy for everyone.
-Do not hold grudge
2. Love being with people
– accept everyone for who they are
– be with them no matter how unholy their culture is
3. Genuinely love them
– Jesus VS Pharisees: while the P oppressed them, Jesus preached a yoke that has a light burden and do not oppressed them to follow his rules. He is concern about the well being of people, not just about their holiness. THINK: will you be Jesus and not oppress others to follow your ways?

Value relationship, love God. Love genuinely.



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