8/3/14: Your voice

Be thankful people.

What is discipleship?
Discipleship doesn’t make perfect, it makes you more like someone.

“Be simply yourself, and you will become more than yourself”

Even when you are being made use of, God can bless you. God still takes care of you.

If there is a right you can do, do it. Sometimes God teaches you the things that you should be doing when other people does it. It’s a moment of discipleship.

When you are lowly, God will lift you up. Do not push your way up. Be humble be meek. And you shall inherit the Earth. Be yourself, the position is yours.
Dont need to fight for the highest position. It’s already yours. We are already seated with our Christ Jesus.

Yes invite the misfits. Help those who need help most.

Deny yourself – take up your cross. It’s really not about you.
Put others before yourself. Be gracious and merciful. Do not take the honour for yourself, give it away.

God is sovereign. God’s will for us does not change whether or not we like it. God will always be here. ALWAYS.

Show up at the right. Don’t deny God’s kingdom. And don’t try to push your way through in the world.
Show up for the things that matter.



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