To My Ex: A Letter That I’ll Never Send

As much as my heart breaks, yes I’d love you know this.

Thought Catalog


That’s how you started text conversations with me after we broke up. As if you were casually greeting an old friend, not the girl you said you wanted to marry two weeks before deciding to rip her heart apart.

Deep down, I always knew that we weren’t right for each other. Being in a long distance relationship during college is hard enough, and that plus all of our differences makes me wonder how we made it as far as we did. But somehow, we managed to start a relationship and it was strangely perfect through all of the imperfections. We loved each other tremendously; sometimes it seemed crazy and stupid and irresponsible and all of those other cliché things that love is “supposed to be”. I think that’s what was so wonderful about it to me – it didn’t matter that you liked Tupac while I was Luke Bryan’s…

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