A Relationship Isn’t Going To Change Your Life, But It Makes The Hard Parts A Little Brighter

What i hope to have.

Thought Catalog

If you’re wishing, wanting, impatient for your first real relationship, your first real taste of true love, what do you think it’ll be like?

Do you imagine it to be rainbows and butterflies, that your world would change the first moment they say ‘official’? Do you think that fireworks would light up the sky, that your whole life would change on its axis, that everything would feel different, coated in sunshine and beauty the moment you have someone to call your own?

Or maybe you think a Broadway entourage would come out each time you introduce them to your friends and family as ‘yours’? Oh, you’re not so deluded to think that there would be no arguments, that it would be smooth sailing for all. ‘Sure,’ you’d say, ‘we would argue, which couple wouldn’t?’

And you’re right. But maybe you think it would blow over, that you’d spill everything that…

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