I’m Not In Love With You Anymore


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I’ve been tiptoeing around this.

I didn’t want to say this, but I’m not in love with you anymore.

I’m in love with the man who sat down next to me at the bus stop and apologized for forgetting my name.

I’m in love with the man whose hands were shaking when he first asked for my number.

I’m in love with the man who told me his life story — and didn’t judge me for mine – on day one. The one who came to Zumba and played basketball with me at night.

I’m in love with the man who took me to the doctor and picked up my prescriptions.

And I’m in love with the man who walked me to class every day and held my hand as we walked across the graduation stage.

I’m in love with the man who, despite a raging temper…

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The 6 Types Of Girls You Should Be

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1. Be the girl with the laugh.

Have the ugly laugh or the loud laugh or the laugh that bubbles over your lips and travels towards those around you. Have the laugh that fills a room or the laugh that separates a crowd or the laugh that can only be heard in a quiet booth in the back of a cute café. Be the girl with the laugh that the boy will die to hear. Be the girl with the laugh that the boys will die to be the source of. Be the girl who’s happy.

2. Be the girl with the eyes.

Have the blue eyes or the big eyes or the squinty eyes. Have the kind of eyes that bunch up in the corners the way they claim is unattractive, all because you’re smiling so hard. Be the girl with the eyes that people will…

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10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Teenage Self

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Almost FamousAlmost Famous

1. Saving money is more important than you think.

Your parents aren’t telling you to save money because they are tired of lending you $20 to fill up your car’s gas tank.  They are trying to make sure you are financially independent one day so you do not end up a 28 year old who eats cereal for dinner every night while living paycheck-to-paycheck because you chose to spend your cash on over-priced vodka sodas last weekend.   Side Note:  A 401K is something you should learn about and start investing in as early as possible if you want to retire one day.

2. You have no idea what real love is.

You may think you are in love…but you are not.  You will date a lot of losers, liars, and even some nice guys before you actually fall in love.  Learn from every relationship you’ve had…

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