12 Things I Learned From Starting Over


Thought Catalog


Starting over is hard. Whether it’s moving to a new state, or picking a college far from home, the life you knew becomes a fading image in your rearview mirror and suddenly the future looks like a flat desert. Here’s what I learned from my experience starting over.

1. It’s okay to spend a Saturday night in with the parents.
2. You will miss your old life, and it will hurt. But it shouldn’t make you regret your bold choice to move on.
3. Try not to let your old life consume you. You moved for a reason, right? Embrace that reason and push through it.
4. Just because it’s not as easy to meet friends as it was in college doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. These things take time.
5. Having a lot of free time means you get to find new things to love and…

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