19 Little Joys That Always Make Your Day Infinitely Better

Thought Catalog

1. When you wake up with a start — absolutely, totally, completely certain you’re late — and then check your phone to realize you have another hour to sleep. It’s undoubtedly the best hour of sleep you’ve ever had in your life.

2. When you wake up from an amazing dream and you’re super bummed it got cut short, but then you drift off again and surprisingly continue your dream and it’s kind of the best start to your day.

3. When you’re cold at home, so you put on your softest, most worn-in long sleeve and your bare skin is like, “Thanks, I’m really happy we did this.”

4. When you’re watching an intense movie that everyone says has a twist ending, but then you guess the ending in the first 20 minutes and it gives you a sense of satisfaction nobody can ever take from you.

5. When someone…

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