5 Things I Don’t Do For Anyone Other Than Myself

Thought Catalog


Why is it so hard for any part of our lives to exist without people thinking that they are merely props in an ongoing, elaborate mission to put on a show for the benefit of others? Why are, seemingly now more than ever, our days becoming an endless string of events that will be held up and examined for hidden, approval-seeking motives? Do we really assume that everyone is Photoshopping their personalities, habits, and tastes to cater to whoever they’re sleeping with, or what to be sleeping with (or friends with, or working for, or…) Has social media’s “please look at every waking moment of my life” validation-fest made us completely disbelieving that, despite it all, there are flesh-and-blood humans out in the world, doing things for no reason at all beyond self-satisfaction of some kind?

Or are most people just too self-obsessed to consider the idea that some…

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