Keep Your Head Up

Thought Catalog


When you’re on top of the world the warm sun hits your shoulders just right. All of your worries are carried away with the wind at your back as you exhale, taking in the serene mountaintop view. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary as colors appear more vivid and music sounds sweeter. In those small moments everything is right and good in the universe. It seems as if nothing could ever bring you down.

But what do you do when you’ve hit your rock bottom? When hot tears spill out of your soulful eyes, stinging your cheeks, and leaving your vision even blurrier than it was before. You’re gasping for air between sobs, not sure if you could take another step without falling to your knees. You feel exhausted but you can’t sleep because you can’t escape your own mind. Even in your dreams you feel trapped, weighed down by…

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