Finding Humility In The 21st Century

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I was on Facebook recently when I stumbled across a particularly nasty political meme. It showed a group of armed nazis with accompanying text that conflated the U.S. gun control debate with the Holocaust. That meme didn’t sit well. I typed out a hostile reply and slammed the enter key.

Several hours later I got the reply I wasn’t looking for: “I think you’re right,” the Facebook offender said. “I’ll be more careful before I post something next time.”

I was dumbfounded. I expected a fight and got unconditional surrender. And suddenly, I felt bad—like a bully. I need not have though. His post was offensive. In his reply, however, my Facebook friend did something few can: he admitted his own wrong. He was humble. This is not the traditional definition of humility (I’ll get to that soon). But it’s an important part of…

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