Stop Feeling That You Deserve Better

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The word ‘deserve’ is thrown around a lot these days. To the point where, for me at least, it has lost all meaning. You ‘deserve’ a better job, life, car, cat, home, kid, etc… It is everywhere, the propaganda that you deserve something better, whatever that might entail. But most often it’s used in reference to relationships in a manner which I have never understood. It’s an easy cycle to get caught up in, a tiny egotistical voice constantly conditioned to sing in the back of your mind ‘Oh! But you deserve so much better!’ You obviously were more qualified for that job, you worked harder! You obviously deserve a better-looking girl/guy because you’re such a great person! You obviously deserve a man or woman who dotes on you and supports your every dream and whim! 

I’m just not convinced.

My question to you, and myself…

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